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Artikel im ‚Momente‘

4. March 2020
Article in 'Momente'! A magazine of Olympiazentrum Innsbruck!

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Article about the use of robotics in the field of reha

24. February 2020
Article about using robotics in the field of reha in 'Der Rundschau'. With our HIROB!

Visit in Peking

12. February 2020
Article in 'Die Rundschau' about our trip to Peking. Thanks to Die Rundschau and Franz Staudinger!

More impressions of our trip to China

28. January 2020
with great support of Olympiazentrum Innsbruck

Olympiazentrum Innsbruck training with LIFTER

10. January 2020

Visit in Peking

9. December 2019
Together we visit Peking with Carson Patterson of Olympiazentrum Innsbruck and the LIFTER - great excitement!

Interview about robot-enhanced Hippotherapy

Our friends from A circle

Medica Wednesday: Our friends of A circle from Italy and more people watching HIROB

First impressions of media 2019 fair - Dusseldorf

First impressions of media 2019 fair - Dusseldorf
Great international interest for reha-robot HIROB