About us

Health in motion! As a leading and innovative supplier, intelligent motion gmbh develops intelligent training devices based on newest technologies for more fun and success in therapy and training. The basis of every new development is a close cooperation with science and practice. Products of intelligent motion are well-known for best ergonomic, highest safety and user oriented handling.

  range of activities sports – Keep in motion. intelligent. Intelligent training devices for top-level and health-oriented popular sports.

– prevention The latest technologies in combination with innovative ideas provide completely new possibilities for preventing injuries. Due to the high level of automation of our training equipment, muscle groups can be trained specifically in a way which corresponds much more closely to their natural movement, thereby preventing injuries – especially in top-level sport.

– training In close cooperation with institutes for sports science and training centres, training devices are developed which, due to their very high level of automation, meet the individual requirements of a particu- lar sport and of athletes to a much higher degree than conventional training equipment. Through the developments and our experience in top-level sport, we are capable of manufacturing intelligent training devices for popular sports. The high level of automation makes it possible to calculate efficient training programs based on the current physical condition of the user.

rehabilitation – Back to motion. intelligent. The automation of therapies enables a much faster and more efficient as well as more economic treatment of patients. Our rehabilitation robots support the daily treatment of patients and contribute to patients returning to their accustomed way of life.