“What I like best about the hirob is the short time it takes to set up and to transfer patients to the therapy position. We are able to start using it at an early therapy stage, as the speed and intensity of the movement may be selected according to the individual needs of the patient treated.“

Dr. Andreas Mayr,
Leiter Therapie am LKH Hochzirl
robotic hippotherapy 
"The lifter’s robotic technology raises the quality of strength training as athletes can utilize high intensity excentric training with a free barbell. The lifter also ensures the safety of the athlete, the utmost priority in training. "

Carson Patterson und Dr. Christian Raschner,
Institut für Sportwissenschaft, Universität Innsbruck

Foto: Campus Sport Tirol Innsbruck - Olympiazentrum
combines force imposition, freedom and safety for professional fitness training!