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Following a stroke or craniocerebral trauma or in case of multiple sclerosis, doctors and therapists work together with their patients towards one major goal: regaining mobility.

hirob is a unique therapy device that accompanies and supports patients and therapists in their mission.

Works when nothing else will.


hirob enables effective motion therapy to improve torso control and stability. Even during the early phase of treatment. The robotics-assisted therapy device optimally supports patients and therapists in hospitals, rehabilitation centres or during follow-up treatment through physiotherapy.

Sensorized motion capture
Transfer to robot control
Increased trunk stability

Therapy with hirob
simply works

1/6 The ergonomic shape of the seat promotes an upright torso posture
Dr. Andreas Mayr
hirob can be adapted to the patient very quickly and precisely. Therefore we can already start therapy in the early phase. Dr. Andreas Mayr, Head of Treatment at LKH Hochzirl

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